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Welcome to all of our students

Mandated and established in 1984 by the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council, Yellowquill University College embraces all learners and provides holistic education and training. The institution encompasses a team of dedicated and supportive professionals guiding our learners to achieve excellence and success in education, employment, and economic development.



You must apply for the 2021-2022 school year, whether you are continuing the same program or applying to a new program. 


Welcome to Yellowquill University College.  It is so exciting to be starting a new academic year.  To ensure the safety of all students this is the COVID-19 guideline for YQUC.

Classes will be resuming at Yellowquill University College beginning August 23/21.  Four programs start on that date and the majority of the others will start on September 7, 2021.

VACCINE MANDATE:  All staff and student will be required to be fully vaccinated.  If a student is not fully vaccinated, they will require a plan to begin the process. 

Students and staff who are not vaccinated will be required to be fully vaccinated by October 17, 2021.  Proof of vaccination is required.  Each Instructor will maintain the listing of their students.

If a staff or student is not or cannot be vaccinated, arrangements will need to be made for accommodation. Regular testing may be required. On-line learning may also be a requirement. As the guidelines change on a regular basis staff and students will be kept apprised of any changes.

MASK MANDATE:  All students will be required to wear a mask at all times.  When everyone in the class has been fully vaccinated, the Instructors can determine mask usage within the classroom.  Wearing a mask in the hallways is required.


SAFETY: The safety of our students, their families and staff is a priority so I expect all staff and students to follow the guidelines put forth by the Management of YQUC.


Bobbi Pompana, Director

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Full-time Programs

  • First Nations Child and Family Services Diploma 

  • Business Certificate 

  • Aboriginal Financial Manager Diploma

  • First Nations Management and Administration

  • Mature Student High School Diploma

Modular Programs

  • First Nations Community Health Worker Certificate and Diploma Programs

  • First Nations Community Management Diploma

  • Aboriginal Financial Manager Diploma

  • First Nations Human Resource Management

Native Drums


Message from the Director

It was an honour for me to accept the role as Director of Yellowquill University College – Manitobas’ only First Nation owned, operated and controlled Post-Secondary Institute. Yellowquill University College has been offering First Nation programming for 37 years under the governance of Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council – Board of Directors.

Currently, the University College offers Post-Secondary programs as well as a Mature 12 High School Program. Yellowquill University College has more than likely graduated someone from every First Nation in Manitoba over that time span as we have graduated well over 3000 students. We also have students from North Western Ontario and Saskatchewan.


It is with admiration that I look at the success of Yellowquills’ unique ability in developing academic programming that is requested from the communities or organizations and that they are designed to meet the specific needs of those communities or organizations. The University College offers their regular academic programming at the on campus site on Madison, modular programs in many areas and also specifically designed community based program.


It is also important to acknowledge the College's Accreditation from the “National Indigenous Accreditation Board” and the “World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium”. No higher acknowledgement exists for a First Nation Post-Secondary Institution than to be accredited by our own professional educators!

The need to educate and train our First Nation people is a priority and to attain that by implementing a First Nation model/philosophy proves to be the most successful format. It is way past the time that we attain that control over First Nations post-secondary education. There is so much potential for growth and expansion of Yellowquill University College.


The need for First Nation based learning is what many of our people want and need and we have the ability to do that.


We have formed a strong partnership with Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centres’ (MFNERC) Training Unit and are working towards the development of a First Nation University College. We are also working jointly on some current projects.


I also want to acknowledge the Long Plain First Nation, Chief Dennis Meeches and his Council, for allowing us to be located on their urban reserve site on Madison Street.

We also acknowledge the support that we have received from the political organizations – the Southern Chiefs Organization (SCO), Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO), the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) and from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC).

Yellowquill University College is expanding and we will be offering more programs as we develop our Institute. We will ensure that our website is continually updated and that you are kept in the loop regarding the developments as they occur. I encourage all First Nation communities and organization to contact Yellowquill University College to discuss your education and training needs.


Wopida, Ekosi, Meegwetch and Thank you!

Bobbi Pompana



Professional Development Workshops

  • Computer Skills level 1

  • Computer Skills level 2

  • Human Resources level 1

  • Human Resources level 2

  • Human Resources level 3

  • Proposal Writing