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First Nations Bachelor of Relational Studies


This program is a First Nation version of a social work program.  It is designed for students who have graduated from a two-year Diploma program such as: First Nation Child and Family Service Diploma Program or the First Nation Addictions and Mental Health Program offered at Yellowquill University College.


The program is designed and is open to educate any person who is interested in working effectively with the First Nation population.


It is four-year program (2+2).  With a Diploma plus the additional two years of courses in this program, you will graduate with the First Nation Bachelor of Relational Studies degree which will have equivalent value as a social work degree.  You will have a specialization in the area of your Diploma.


Program Description

This program will prepare students to work in their area of specialization by providing more advanced courses.  The program is culturally based, strength based and specific to dealing with issues experienced by First Nation peoples. The program is designed to use the students’ strengths and life experiences as a foundation.

The program will focus on:

  • Land-based learning

  • Cultural teachings

  • Exploratory Language

  • Indigenous World views

  • Colonization and Legislations

  • First Nation Traumas, Experiences and Healing

  • Wellness and Anti-colonization practices

  • Environmental Health and Healing

  • First Nation Human and Family Development

  • Research

  • Designing First Nation Programs based on new legislations and self-government


Graduate profile:

  • Grounded in First Nation traditional cultures by knowing and living the Seven Sacred Teachings that govern behavior and decision-making

  • Familiarity with Indigenous knowledge(s) and language(s)

  • Effective communicators with strong leadership skills

  • Passionate about being healthy human beings, walking their healing journey

  • Demonstrates integrity, diplomacy, empathy, and compassion

  • Critical reflection and deliberation

  • Confidence to live and present Indigenous worldviews in challenging contexts

  • A knowledge base that allows you to work more effectively and takes into consideration the ways of our ancestors when working as “good relationship” workers with children, families, communities, and people with mental health and addictions issues, to live a good life and live well together.


Admission requirements:

  • Graduate from one of the YQUC Diploma programs and

  • Two years of experience in the field

  • Graduate from a similar two-year Diploma from another educational institute

  • A combination of Education and Experience

  • Criminal Records Check

  • Prior Contact Check

  • Child Abuse Registry Check

  • Vulnerable Persons Abuse Check

  • Three letters of Recommendation (employer or Instructor and one character reference)

  • Completed Resume

  • Official Transcript (most recent)


***This may be offered through the Modular format depending upon interest.  This could potentially begin January 2025.

***Deadline extended until program is full to capacity.

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