Employment Opportunities

Yellowquill University College is an Independent First Nation owned and operated Post-Secondary Institution in a position to develop and deliver programs beyond their current offerings. 


Job Position: Curriculum Developer

Yellowquill University College (YQUC) is hiring a Curriculum Developer who will be responsible for creating an instruction manual for the Transition Program, aimed to ready learners for other academic programs which includes, but is not limited to, life skills, navigating systems, academic upgrading, cultural awareness. 

Deadline for application: April 30, 2021

Mail applications to:

Bobbi Pompana, Director

480 Madison Street

Winnipeg, Man. R3J 1J1


Job Position: 



Yellowquill University College (YQUC) is receiving applications for the anticipated positions for Sessional Instructors for the First Nation Bachelor of Teaching (FNBT). Sessional Instructors will be responsible to teach specific courses that have predetermined course syllabuses and approaches to instruction and student learning. 

Deadline for application: On-going

Mail applications to:

Courtney Penner, Assistant Director

480 Madison Street

Winnipeg, Man. R3J 1J1



National Indigenous Accreditation Board


World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium