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Employment Opportunities

Yellowquill University College is an Independent First Nation owned and operated Post-Secondary Institution in a position to develop and deliver programs beyond their current offerings. 


Job Position: Curriculum Developer

Yellowquill University College (YQUC) is hiring a Curriculum Developer who will be responsible for creating an instruction manual for the Transition Program, aimed to ready learners for other academic programs which includes, but is not limited to, life skills, navigating systems, academic upgrading, cultural awareness. 

Deadline for application: April 30, 2021

Mail applications to:

Bobbi Pompana, Director

480 Madison Street

Winnipeg, Man. R3J 1J1

Job Position: 



Yellowquill University College (YQUC) is receiving applications for the anticipated positions for Sessional Instructors for the First Nation Bachelor of Teaching (FNBT). Sessional Instructors will be responsible to teach specific courses that have predetermined course syllabuses and approaches to instruction and student learning. 

Deadline for application: On-going

Mail applications to:

Courtney Penner, Assistant Director

480 Madison Street

Winnipeg, Man. R3J 1J1

Job Position: 

First Nations Bachelor of Teaching Coordinator (off-campus)

Position Summary:

Under the direction of and reporting directly to the Director of Yellowquill College, the First Nations Bachelor of Teaching (FNBT) Coordinator will provide instructional, managerial, administrative support, and recruitment services associated with the program.  The FNBT Coordinator will provide the services and responsibilities associated with the coordination of the FNBT program, off-campus.



The Program Coordinator for the First Nations Bachelor of Teaching degree program will ensure the preparation of students to work as a teacher in the field of education. The program is a unique, culturally-based program dealing with education within First Nations populations and communities. The program format will be a full-time, modular format (1 week block or 4 week blocks) including lectures, small group learning, case studies, class discussions and presentations, volunteer opportunities, field trips, land-based learning, appropriate textbooks, and teaching practicum placements. The FNBT Coordinator will be responsible to coordinate the hiring of sessional/contract instructors for the community-based programs, work with the community coordinators to ensure the success of the program.




The FNBT Coordinator will:

  • Oversee the coordination of the FNBT degree program off-site in various communities

  • Advertise, schedule, and conduct interviews for potential instructors

  • Recommend instructors for contract purposes

  • Provide support and direction to the administrative assistant

  • Ensure Instructor lessons, syllabuses, etc. coincide with the expertise and skill level required

  • Encourage the use of curriculum in accordance with adult principles and university college standards

  • Review course descriptions, using the required template, for each course taught

  • Select and order texts, resource, reference materials, and supplies as required for all classes taught

  • Assist in providing information on the FNBT programs and in the promotion at career events

  • Prepare and provide all program reports as required

  • Participate in professional development activities related to the program and institution

  • Attend and participate in all YQUC staff meetings and school events

  • File and organize instructional files including resumes, attendance, final marks, course evaluations, etc.

  • Ensure attendance, student information, and final marks are up-to-date in TOSM

  • Respond to, connect, and gather information with various off-campus communities who have express interest in the program


  • Liaison with the community coordinator to ensure the following:

    1. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with administration, staff, representatives of a wide variety of organizations/groups, and community members

    2. Create a plan to maintain an inventory of all instructional materials and equipment for classroom and office spaces

    3. Create and distribute instructional timetables

    4. Assist with the process of registering students and provide advice on course completion

    5. Assist in developing a plan to organize orientation sessions for students

    6. Respond to queries from prospective and registered students

    7. Maintain regular communication with community coordinator

    8. Help to develop a plan to direct students to appropriate resources and supports when needed

    9. Prepare and distribute student recruitment, advertising, and marketing materials

    10. Supervise and provide instructional assistance for courses as assigned, including printing, shipping, and course delivery

    11. Ensure submission of final marks, attendance reports, and other reports as required

    12. Ensure course evaluations are conducted at the end of each course

    13. Ensure all funding agencies receive regular attendance and progress updates

    14. Assist in developing a plan to present workshops and professional development days for students every Friday and other teacher-associated functions/special dates

    15. Assist in developing a plan to establish relationships with community schools and possibly other divisions for student teaching practicum

    16. Assist in developing a plan for student teaching placements along with the coordination of principals/administration

    17. Assist in developing a plan for supervision for students in the teaching practicum

  • Provide and perform other duties as may be assigned in carrying out the functions as a coordinator




  1. A minimum of a Bachelor of Education degree or experience

  2. Experience working in adult education with Indigenous students

  3. Strong verbal, written, presentation, and interpersonal communication skills

  4. Excellent computer skills and experience working with Microsoft Office 365

  5. Experience using online communication platforms (Teams and Zoom)

  6. Ability to develop original and appropriate documents

  7. Ability to write and orally communicate clear instructions

  8. Ability to analyse and solve problems

  9. Ability to work efficiently as part of a team as well as independently

  10. Superior organizational, time management, and prioritizing skills

  11. Attention to detail in all areas of work

  12. Valid Class 5 Manitoba driver’s license and reliable vehicle



Interested applicants will submit their resume and cover letter to:

Doreen Beauchamp

480 Madison Street

Winnipeg, MB, R3J 1J1

Fax: 204-953-2810


We thank all applicants in advance for their interest in the First Nations Bachelor of Teaching program.


The deadline for receipt of application is open until the position is filled.


Job Position: 
Sessional/ Full-time Instructors

Job Title: Sessional Instructors

Location: Red Sucker Lake First Nation

Application Deadline: On-going until all positions are filled


Yellowquill University College (YQUC) is receiving applications for the anticipated positions for Sessional Instructors for the First Nation Bachelor of Teaching (FNBT) in the fly-in community of Red Sucker Lake First Nation. The ideal candidate able to teach in-person; though, there may be some flexibility for pre-recorded instruction with occasional community visits. 

The FNBT program is a unique teacher education program that is concentrated on First Nations worldview, philosophy, history, cultural foundations, and ancestral languages. Sessional Instructors will be responsible to teach specific courses in four-week blocks. The role of the Sessional Instructor is to plan, organize, and deliver the instruction as outlined in the curriculum; however, Instructors may supplement aspects of the course with the approval of the FNBT Program Coordinator. 

*Applications must include a cover letter, resume, and two letters of reference from previous employers. To determine the course best suited to the applicants’ skill-set, applicants should indicate their area of specialization in subject area. 


Please forward resume and cover letter to:


                        Doreen Beauchamp

                        480 Madison Street

                        Winnipeg, MB, R3J 1J1

                        Fax: 204-953-2810


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