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Students at Yellowquill University College enjoy many advantages that make our college the right choice for their education. One of the most important is our insistence on seeing our students as “whole people.”

Small Classes

Unlike larger colleges and universities where students can sometimes feel anonymous or lost in the crowd, Yellowquill’s smaller classes allow for low teacher to student ratios and a more structured environment. This translates into more one-on-one time for our students with their teachers. It also allows our teachers to be more responsive to the specific needs of their classes, and be more creative and engaging in their teaching style.

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Caring Teachers

At Yellowquill we select our teachers not only for their academic credentials, but also for their interactive ability with their students. We look for teachers with a positive, caring attitude; people who are student focused and willing to take the extra time in and out of class to help their students achieve their goals. As such, there is genuine love and concern by our staff for their students and this contributes to the overall family atmosphere of the college.

Focus on your success

Every program at Yellowquill has been designed to prepare its students well for their chosen work or careers after graduation. Many classes include work related training, which helps ensure that students graduate with the skills employers are seeking for. Our instructors employ an objective driven teaching model that sets unique goals for each student and class, and work with their students to make sure that each one is provided with the best opportunity to succeed.

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Welcoming and Culturally Respectful

With the smell of sweet grass often in the air, it is easy to understand why Yellowquill University College is a special place for its students, almost sacred ground in fact, here students can pursue their education in a place that both respects and fosters the values of their culture. As such, most students feel right at home in Yellowquill’s friendly, non-threatening environment that promotes respect and friendship among all.

Helping you to Contribute to your Community

Most of our students attend Yellowquill with the goal of returning to their home communities to pursue their careers and make positive contributions to the people who live there. In fact, many of our graduates go on to become ambassadors of the university college and take up leadership roles in their communities that set examples for others to follow – increasing the value and impact of their education.

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Understanding of your Personal Needs

At Yellowquill, we don’t believe in a “one strike and you’re out” approach to education. We understand that family pressures and other challenges outside of school can sometimes cause students to miss class or affect their ability to complete course work. For that reason, we encourage all of our students to come talk to us when things get difficult so that we can work out a solution to help them continue their studies.

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