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Personal Counselling Services

The Student Counsellor engages and builds relationships with students while helping them navigate Yellowquill University College. We offer individual counselling sessions to assist students who may need extra support. The student counsellor will offer brief, solution-focused services to discuss your current needs and to establish a plan that includes the resources and services that will be the most helpful to you.

Students also have direct access to free qualified mental health support and counselling through our campus. Referrals to community resources and support services are available. Confidentiality is assured.

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Career Services

We assist students in the development of resumes and cover letters to support employment success for our graduates.


We will assist you with practice interviews if you are looking to be successful in a job or practicum placement that is based on your field of study.

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Academic Support

Academic support is provided to promote insight and understanding of programs, academic policy, and academic life at Yellowquill University College. Student Services works closely with instructors on campus to provide a continuum of support for all students.

A variety of information sessions, workshops, and seminars are offered throughout the academic year.

Elder on Campus

The Elder provides students with personal, cultural, and spiritual guidance while sharing traditional knowledge in programs, classes, traditional activities, and ceremonies.


The Elder will offer traditional teachings and ceremonies throughout the academic school year, such as the use of ceremonial tobacco and pipe ceremonies. Workshops/guest lectures on various topics such as the use of tobacco, sweat lodges and other traditional teachings are also offered.

Please drop by Student Services if you need assistance.

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