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Modular Programs

The first step in success is identifying your career goal. Here you will find a variety of programs and courses that will help you reach your career goal.

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First Nations Community Management Diploma

This program, taught in modules,  prepares students to be able to perform management roles in a First Nation community by providing them with the required knowledge and skills for all management functions.

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Aboriginal Financial Manager Diploma

The AFM diploma program prepares individuals to work in the financial management field.  

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First Nations Human Resource Management

This program, taught in modules, prepares students to effectively manage all aspects of the major HRM functions in First Nation communities and organization. 

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Jordan's Principle First Nations Family Support Worker

This two-year program aims to equip participants with the vital skills needed to provide daily support to community members and children. The program will be delivered in a modular format, with one week per month, and will cater to two groups of 20 students each. 

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