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Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops

Yellowquill College provides educational workshops to businesses, organizations and communities. Workshops are offered for a wide range of topics, each of which can be tailored to your specific needs and held on-site at our Winnipeg campus or in your community. Workshops can be uniquely organized with the needs of the community in mind. The focus is to provide valuable instruction in an informative and fun environment that engages all participants in the workshop. Many of Yellowquill’s courses from its management and health programs are also offered as four-day management workshops. Please call for seat availability in the programs. Certificate of participation issued to each participant attending the workshops for all dates scheduled.

BASIC REQUIREMENTS TO BOOK A WORKSHOP OFF-SITE: Minimum 12-15 registered participants

ON-SITE AT YELLOWQUILL CAMPUS: Minimum 10 registered participants

Workshop Topics

• Computer Workshops (at Yellowquill campus only)

• Basic Counselling Skills

• Case Management (Series of 2)

• Community Health Planning

• Effective Presentation Skills

• Human Resource Management (Series of 3)

• Interpersonal Communications

• Proposal Writing

• Management Studies (series of 3)

• Community Program Planning

• Policies and Procedures

• Health Administration

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