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Business Certificate

Program Description

This one-year program is designed to put you on a solid footing by enhancing your employability and preparing you for a new adventure into the world of business. By enriching your skills, you can look forward to becoming a welcome addition to a commercial team or fly solo in true entrepreneurial spirit.


Successful candidates can also look forward to building a solid foundation in business. With the confidence gained through strong communication and enriched research skills, natural leadership is given an opportunity to thrive while placing those interested on the path to take their place in First Nations government. As a consumer of technology, the student is exposed to a rich environment which will not only prepare the individual for business challenges but also put them in a position to make very intelligent decisions about the role of technology in their professional lives.

You will be working with an industry standard, certified instructor who is highly experienced. Your instructor knows and respects who you are, where you come from and where you want to go. As an adult learner, you bring experience and insight which you will be encouraged to share. Come join your new family. This is your time, take that first step. Whether finance, retail, administration or government join us on a journey of discovery.


  • Indigenous History

  • Accounting Fundamentals

  • Simply Accounting Sage 50 Level I, Level II

  • Communications

  • Computer Applications

  • Law

  • Marketing


Admission Requirements

  • Senior 4 or equivalent standing, or

  • Mature student with a combination of education and experience

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