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Mature Student High School Diploma

Image by Jeremiah Lawrence

Program Description

The Mature Student High School Diploma program is designed primarily for the needs of mature Aboriginal students seeking a Manitoba Department of Education recognized high school diploma. The program is flexible for the educational needs of the students who can take up to eight high school credits over 10 months to achieve their diploma. Actual course load depends on the number of credits a student is able to transfer in from high schools or other Adult Learning Centres, and the prerequisites the student needs for post-secondary programs. To graduate, the student is required to complete a Grade 12 English and a Grade 12 Math, two other Grade 12 courses, and four additional credits from Grade 9 to Grade 12.


Students in the program benefit from small, teacher-led half-day classes (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) that provide students with plenty of one-on-one time with their instructors. Course textbooks are distributed to students with payment of a $20 refundable deposit per course, per term, and transferrable to the next term. A complete school year is comprised of up to four terms of approximately 2.5 months each. Graduation is held in June, with a wonderful cap and gown graduation that celebrates the achievement of each student.


Current off-sites for the Mature Student High School Diploma program include Bloodvein First Nation and Long Plain First Nation.  These community campuses are in partnership with the respective communities.   


Admission Requirements

You are invited to apply if you meet all three of the following conditions:

  • Have been out of high school for six months

  • Are at least 19 years of age (by graduation)

  • Have taken entrance assessments and been interviewed


Entrance assessment dates are typically 2-4 weeks prior to the start of classes. Please provide a transcript from your previous high school (if you've completed Grades 9-12 credits) or adult learning centre.  

Please submit your application (online or in-person) and then call (204) 953-2800 for our Placement Testing dates. 

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Course schedule


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