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First Nations Addictions and Mental Health Diploma


The First Nations Addictions and Mental Health Diploma program is a 2-year program that will prepare students to work in the field of addictions and mental health. The program is a unique, culturally-based program dealing with the current issues surrounding addictions and mental health in the First Nations population. Mature and serious-minded candidates who want to help change lives should apply. The students strengths and life experiences will be highlighted throughout the program. The program format will include lectures, small group learning, case studies, class discussions and presentations, volunteer opportunities, field trips, land-based learning, appropriate textbooks, and a practicum/field placement.


COURSES (These are subject to change)

Year 1 

  • Introduction to First Nation Addictions and Mental Health

  • Computer Skills Level I

  • Written communication Level I

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Trauma and Impacts on Addictions and Mental Health

  • Contemporary Health Issues Impacting Addictions and Mental Health

  • Developing Addictions and Mental Health Resources and Networking

  • Neurophysiology – How does the brain work?

  • Neuropharmacology – Impact of Drugs and Alcohol on the brain (Level I and II) • Nutrition and Mental Health (Level I and II)

  • Introduction to Case Management and Documentation

  • Trauma Models and Keys to Treatment • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles • Effective Presentation Skills

  • Youth and Mental Health Issues

  • Harm Minimization and Optimal Health

  • Counselling Skills (Level I and II)

  • Planning as a Navigator for Clients – Field work/Practicum experience preparation

  • Field Work/Practicum YEAR I YEAR II 


Year 2

  • Advanced Computer Skills LeveI II

  • Enhanced Communication and Documentation Skills

  • Research and Presentation Skills

  • Holistic Alternative Healing Techniques

  • Impact of Childhood Trauma on Development

  • Case Planning and Intervention Applications

  • Case Management (Levels III and IV)

  • Understanding Systems

  • Motivational Interviewing and Behavioral Change/Management

  • Recovery and Follow-up Techniques

  • Planning for Successful Addictions and Mental Health Programs

  • Promoting and Marketing Key Health Messages

  • Group Facilitation Skills

  • Substance Use and Pregnancy

  • Aftercare Models

  • Relapse and Recovery

  • Addictions, Mental Health and Legal Responsibilities

  • Fieldwork/Practicum and Career Opportunities


You are invited to apply if you have:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent standing, or Mature student with a combination of education and work experience

  • Completion of a Criminal Record Check, Vulnerable/ Persons, Adult Abuse and Child Abuse Registry Check

  • A resume

  • An official transcript

  • Two letters of recommendation: previous employer and a character reference

  • Hand-written assessment

  • Possible interview

  • Sponsorship letter

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