Vision, Mission and Values Statements

Mission Statement:

Mandated and established in 1984 by the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council, Yellowquill College embraces all learners and provides holistic education and training.  The college encompasses a team of dedicated and supportive professionals guiding our learners to achieve excellence and success in education, employment, and economic development.


Vision Statement:

Yellowquill College is a First Nation accredited educational institute of excellence, preparing and advocating for students to meet the needs of the 21st century and beyond while providing an appropriate environment that preserves and enhances culture and tradition.


Values Statement:

Wisdom: To cherish knowledge is to know wisdom.

Love: To know peace is to know love.

Respect: To honor all creation is to have respect.

Courage: Listen to your heart; it takes courage to do what is right.

Honesty: Honesty in facing a situation is to be brave.

Humility: Humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of creation.

Truth: Truth is to know all of these things.