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Starting classes 2021-2022

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

It is so exciting that another academic year is fast approaching. We are all hoping that the Covid Pandemic has run its course and we may be able to live normal lives again; attend school in a normal fashion and interact with each other in our normal ways!

As you all must be aware by now the academic year for most programs starts on September 7th. There are some programs that may be starting a week earlier and you will be notified if you are in any of those programs. There will be changes around the Winnipeg campus this year as the Long Plain First Nation is building a huge hotel in the area that we previously used for parking. Student parking will be in the paved lot at the corner of Madison St. and Silver Ave. There will be some street parking on Madison but it will be at a premium and will basically be first come first served there.

There will also be an annex to YQUC that will be located on 1300 Ellice Ave. (behind the Dollar Store). The First Nations Bachelor of Teaching; the First Nations Addictions and Mental Health Diploma; and all Modular Programs (First Nations Community Management, First Nation Human Resource Management, First Nation Community Health Worker and all workshops) will be taught out of that location (parking will be better there) when it is completed. It was to be ready for occupancy by September however due to Covid there have been some delays beyond our control so we will have to improvise until it is completed. For the first couple of months of classes the Modular Programs and the First Nation Bachelor of Teaching will have classes at 480 Madison. The First Nations Addictions and Mental Health Diploma classes will be at the Canad Inn Polo Park in Ambassador M.

We are planning a General Assembly/Orientation for all students and staff this year so we can go through all the information together and you will have a chance to meet with all the staff other students and get the general low down on YQUC. This will be the first time that we have done this in a long time. The assembly/orientation will be held at the Victoria Inn on Wellington Avenue on September 10th from 10:00 to approximately 2:00. We will have coffee and danish when you arrive and also lunch for you, so you just need to be prepared to have some fun. Your attendance will be required and it will be considered a regular school day.

We also are fortunate this year in that we will have a Student Support Services Department – for the first time. We will have Counsellors, Elders, and Therapists available to assist you with any issues you may experience throughout the year. They will provide navigator services, arrange for tutors and arrange for land based/ceremonial services when they can be arranged.

We have lots of applications for all the Programs offered however, all of the students require funding letters in order to attend class. It is difficult for us to know for sure how many students there will be in each Program until those funding letters start to come in so please do what you can to ensure this happens.


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