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New Name, New Future!

Updated: May 17, 2021


Effective immediately, Yellowquill College (YC) will be known as Yellowquill University College (YQUC). A resolution was signed on February 25, 2021 by the DOTC Council of Chiefs: Yellowquill University College Board of Directors (Chief Francine Meeches, Chief Dennis Meeches, Chief Ken Chalmers, Chief Craig Alexander, Chief Eric Pashe and Chief Trevor Prince) stating the following:

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: The DOTC Chiefs, through their own authority as sovereign First Nations recognize and acknowledge that Yellowquill College has power and rights to grant advanced degrees of bachelor and master level programs; that these programs will be established by the Board of Directors of Yellowquill College; and that Yellowquill College will create university-college level programs which progress to greater credentialing of First Nation Students.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That DOTC Chiefs assert the Right to Education and affirm the authority of Yellowquill College to develop as a college/university institution. Bobbi Pompana Director


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