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Institutional Development

Yellowquill College as an Independent First Nation owned and operated Post-Secondary Institution is in a position to develop and deliver programs beyond their current offerings. Yellowquill College is in the process of expanding their mandate to include University level programs as indicated in the resolution below: On February 25, 2021 The Board of Directors/ Council of Chiefs of Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council passed a resolution determining the following:

To establish Yellowquill College as a Degree granting Institution (February 25, 2021) THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED The DOTC Chiefs, through their own authority as sovereign First Nations recognize and acknowledge that Yellowquill College has the power and rights to grant advanced degree of bachelor and master level programs; that these programs will be established by the Board of Yellowquill College; and that Yellowquill College will create a university-college level programs which progress to greater credentialing of First Nation students. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED The DOTC Chiefs assert the Right to Education and affirm the authority of Yellowquill College to develop as a college-university institution.


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