Sep 21, 2017

Yellowquill College Gains Even Higher Education Accreditation

Winnipeg, MB – Yellowquill College has received even higher recognition for their education programs from the National Indigenous Accreditation Board and the World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium.

Accreditation means that Yellowquill College programs combine their current high educational standards with programs that celebrate, inform, and include Indigenous components.

“This certification shows that Yellowquill is a college unlike any other in Manitoba - a special place where students have an opportunity to pursue culturally relevant education in an environment of respect and understanding of their Indigenous heritage and individual needs.” says Doreen Beauchamp, Director of Yellowquill College.

The World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium accrediting process requires post-secondary institutes to examine their own goals, operations, and achievements in light of their native peoples’ philosophies and worldviews. Programs must be framed by the Indigenous philosophies of the communities they serve, and integrate Indigenous culture and language.

Certification is reviewed every five years, and Yellowquill College will continue to innovate when it comes to integrating Indigenous perspectives with higher education.

Mandated and established in 1984 by the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council, Yellowquill College embraces all learners and provides holistic education and training. The college encompasses a team of dedicated and supportive professionals guiding learners to achieve excellence and success in education, employment, and economic development.

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