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First Nations Rehabilitation Assistant Program

Next potential start date: September 2023

** This current program is a joint initiative between Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre-Training Unit and Yellowquill University College.   The current program is full and will run its course with the current students enrolled.

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Program Description

The First Nations Rehabilitation Assistant is a two-year / 18 course diploma program with 648-contact hours, including practicum. This program will provide individuals with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to implement rehabilitative assistance for each respective child as directed and supervised by the itinerant specialist. First Nations Rehabilitation Assistants provide support to work with children who are receiving Rehabilitative services from Occupational Therapists, and/ or Physiotherapists, and/or Speech Language Pathologists who work in First Nations communities. Graduates will work directly under the direction and supervision of the itinerant specialists to implement the specific goals and plans as provided by the itinerant specialists. They will be able to implement rehabilitative interventions and supports and work collaboratively as a member of the rehabilitation team under the direction of the rehabilitation professional. Successful graduates will be in a unique position to build important linkages and partnerships between health, education, and social services in each First Nation community. Practical components of this program will include communication skills training to liaise between the Rehabilitation professional, community



(each course is a 36-hour 3 credit course.)

• First Nations Rights to Health Care, Services & Resources for Individuals and Families

• First Nations Perspectives on Exceptionalities and Disabling Conditions

• First Nations Advocacy for the Individual, Family and Community

• First Nations Historical & Intergenerational Trauma

• Wellness & Self-Care for the First Nations Rehabilitation Assistant

• Diversity and Culturally Sensitive Practices in the First Nation Community

• Ethical and Legal Issues -Observation Skills & Record Keeping

• Human Functional Anatomy

• Kinesiology for Rehabilitation Assistants



(each course is a 36-hour 3 credit hour course. It will have a practicum component involved) Note: course titles subject to change.

• Physiotherapy Assistant Skills I.

• Physiotherapy Assistant Skills II.

• Physiotherapy Assistant Skills III.

• Occupational Assistant Skills I.

• Occupational Assistant Skills II.

• Occupational Assistant Skills III.

• Speech Language Pathologist Assistant Skills I.

• Speech Language Pathologist Assistant Skills II.

• Speech Language Pathologist Assistant Skills III.



You are invited to apply if you are a:

• Grade 12 graduate or mature student with acceptable academic upgrading in the areas of Reading comprehension and writing, biological sciences, Computer fundamentals, and Math.

• Satisfactory Criminal Records, Check and Child Abuse Registry, Vulnerable records check

• Letter of Recommendation

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