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Community Health Worker Program


Program Description

The Community Health Worker Program (CHWP) is designed for community health workers who want to enhance their skills. The practicum component of each module allows the student to demonstrate skills and knowledge in a controlled environment. Completion of the program will provide First Nation health workers with the skills to plan and implement quality health programs. 

Completion of one year - Certificate

Completion of two years - Diploma

**Applicants may start the Program in either year

Course List per year (Ten modules)

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Enhanced Computer Skills

  • Health Administration

  • Health Issues Over the Lifespan

  • Planning for Success

  • Promoting Health Program

  • Effective Communication

  • Applied Medical Terminology

  • Counseling Skills

  • Emergency Care

  • Introduction to Diabetes

  • Diabetes Personal Care Techniques

  • Community Nutrition in Action

  • Clinical Care Practices

  • Active Living

  • Chronic Disease

  • Maternal and Child Health

  • Addictions and Mental Health

  • Home Care and the CHW

  • Contemporary Public Health Issues


All courses comprise 40 hours of study in a one-week modular format. This enables students who are currently employed to study while continuing to work.

Contact the college if you are interested in taking any of these modules as a professional development workshop.

CHWP is a portable program which can be delivered on-site anywhere in Canada.


Admission Requirements

  • Senior 4 or equivalent education standing, or

  • Mature student with a combination of education and experience

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